A Banana? A Roll Cake? A Burrito?

COOSY presents Anirollz Blanket Plush Toys!

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Welcome Anirollz's new line of plush toys! Each character comes with a unique food blanket that wraps around these adorable animalz. Be sure to collect them all to dress your favorite Anirollz in your favorite food. They're incredibly soft and squishy to keep you company throughout the day.

Anirollz "Food Blankets" are switchable! So make sure to grab your favorite Anirollz and collect the other outfits! Every food is "cooked" with love and care so make sure grab one at COOSY USA or a MAUYA STORE near you!

Pandaroll with Banana Blanket | $14.99

"Pandaroll is often found sleeping inside roll-shaped foods.

When it wakes up it gets lazy to search for food so it eats where it slept!"

Kittiroll with Roll Cake Blanket | $14.99

"Don't be mistaken fur its cute face!

Its mischievous personality often finds itself

ruining household objects, including roll cakes."

Puppiroll with Burrito Blanket | $14.99

"A ball of sunshine that knows how to have fun!

It loves to rock n' roll so it'll try to join any party,

especially taco parties!"

Anirollz Large Plush | $19.99

Make sure to also check out the Large Sized Plushies!

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